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If you have been appointed by a College to act as a supervisor for Part IA Evolution and Behaviour, please email the Course Administrator with your full name and your CRSid. You will then be registered on Moodle for Part IA Evolution and Behaviour, further details below.

If you are interested in becoming a supervisor for IA Evolution and Behaviour but have not been directly approached by a college, you should complete a brief form registering your interest. You will then be added to a list of prospective supervisors which Directors of Studies have access to, via the course Moodle site. Please contact the Zoology Teaching office at for a link to this form. We will then add you to both the current course Moodle site and the previous year’s site.


The IA Evolution and Behaviour Moodle site contains resources for students, teaching staff and supervisors.

Moodle for students

Moodle provides the following resources for students

  • The Course Handbook
  • A single access point to all learning resources and links
  • Secure access from Departmental, College and home computers
  • Email notification of announcements relating to the course
  • A list of Student Representatives and the Unreserved Business of the Management Committee
  • Past examination papers

Moodle for supervisors

In addition to the student resources above, Moodle provides Teaching Staff and Supervisors with course guidance and supervision resources.

Using Moodle

After registration you will receive an email from Moodle with a link to the site, which will now also appear on your Moodle home screen (Dashboard). The system is pretty self-explanatory, but here is a step-by-step guide

  • Go to the Moodle web site
  • Click on the Raven Login button and enter your User-id and Password
  • Click the link for IA Evolution and Behaviour

Course Feedback

We welcome your feedback on the structure and content of the course which should be sent to the Course Administrator .