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Q. Is the course for me?
A. If you want to maintain some breadth at Part II, and are a Natural Scientist who wants to follow a careeer other than in research, or if you are a medic or vet, then yes, the course is for you. Talk to your DoS about your options.

Q. Do I have to do a research project?
A. No – in place of a research project you take a minor subject and write a 6000 word dissertation.

Q. Why may only certain major and minor subjects be combined?
A. Combinations are restricted to avoid timetable clashes.

Q. Where can I find out about the content of individual major or minor subjects?
A. Look on the websites given on this website, talk to the course organisers, or come to the Subjects Fair on March and talk to the BBS Course Coordinator and reps at individual subject stands.

Q. When and how do I apply?
A. You apply for your Major Subject as part of the Part II Allocations Procedure. The application needs to completed on CamSIS by the second week of the Easter term. Some departments ask for additional information - check the Allocations Procedure website. If you want to do BBS you should apply for the "BBS only" option. Places will be allocated after the exams, and you should know if you have a place before the summer vacation. Once your Major Subject has been confirmed the Faculty Office will ask you to state your preferred Minor Subject by 1st September. Some Minor Subjects have limited places, and if these are over-subscribed the departments concerned will select their own students.

Q. What degree will I get if I take BBS?
A. If you take Part II BBS you will end up with a BA degree just like any other NST Single subject Part II student. In neither case will the actual subject (whether NST Part II Single subject or NST Part II BBS) be indicated on the degree certificate. They will however be stated on your official University Transcript which will say which subjects (including the Major) that you studied in each year.

Q. How can I give feedback about the course?
A. Feedback about your major and minor subjects should be given via the feedback mechanisms of the Departments responsible for those subjects.  For information on how to feedback about issues specific to the BBS course, see the webpage here.

Q. Can I study for a Cambridge MB/PhD after BBS?
A. If you are thinking of applying to the Cambridge MB/PhD programme, we would strongly encourage you to review their Frequently Asked Questions and contact the programme Director to check the entry requirements.

Q. Can I study for Part III Biochemistry or Part III Systems Biology after BBS?
A. If you are thinking of studying for Part III Biochemistry or Part III Systems Biology, please review the webpage about 4th year NST. We would strongly advise you to discuss this possibility with your Director of Studies.

Information contacts

For information regarding Major Subjects such as content and timetables, please see the contact details on the Major Subjects webpage.

For information regarding Minor Subjects such as content and timetables, please see the contact details on the Minor Subjects webpage.

For general administration of BBS and general questions which cannot be answered in departments, please contact the Faculty of Biology Office (

If you wish to move to or from BBS or wish to change Major and/or Minor subject(s), please contact the departments involved AND the Faculty of Biology Office.