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Permissible combinations

Students studying for NST Part II BBS must be able to attend all lectures in both their Major and Minor Subjects. For this reason, only Subjects which do not have any timetable overlap are considered compatible. The recording of lectures is not considered an acceptable alternative to attendance. To help students pick permissible combinations of Subjects, the Faculty Office prepares each year a comprehensive table of incompatible subjects. The most up-to-date information can be found on the Permissible Subject Combinations page.

Home department for BBS students

The department in which BBS students are taking their Major Subject is designated as their "home" department. BBS students should be given access to the same resources and support, such as soft skills training, journal clubs, seminars and facilities, as single subject NST Part II students in that department.

Moving into/out off the BBS course

Please note it is essential for students to contact the Faculty of Biology office when moving out of or into the BBS course, as well as the relevant course organisers.

Offering Major and Minor Subjects

The Biological Sciences Committee and the Faculty Board of Biology are happy to consider adding more Major and Minor Subjects to the current list offered to BBS students. If you wish to develop a new course, or to allow BBS students to borrow one of your courses, please contact the Faculty of Biology office (

Supervising dissertations

The Faculty of Biology offers advice on how to supervise a BBS dissertation.


The Faculty Office is always happy to consider feedback or questions regarding the BBS course. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Information contacts

For information regarding Major Subjects such as content and timetables, please see the contact details on the Major Subjects webpage.

For information regarding Minor Subjects such as content and timetables, please see the contact details on the Minor Subjects webpage.

For general administration of BBS and general questions which cannot be answered in departments, please contact the Faculty of Biology Office (

If you wish to move to or from BBS or wish to change Major and/or Minor subject(s), please contact the departments involved AND the Faculty of Biology Office.