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Faculty of Biology


The Faculty Board of Biology have approved the quality assurance statements and reporting arrangements below. These have been developed by the Biological Sciences Committee (for biological subjects in the Natural Sciences Tripos) and the M&VST Part I Committee (for Part IA and IB Med ST and Vet ST), in consultation with the Education Section of the General Board. Outline responsibilities for the Course Organiser, and Chairman and Secretary of the Course Management Committee are included. A key element of the quality assurance arrangements is that individual Course Management Committees communicate with the teaching committees of all those departments involved in delivery of the course as well as with the Biological Sciences Committee or MVST Part I Committee as appropriate.


Quality Assurance in the NST

Reporting lines for biological courses in the NST  

Quality Assurance in the Medical and Veterinary Sciences

Reporting lines for courses in MVST Part IA and IB

Arrangements for responding to the External Examiners reports for the MVST


Further information and advice about quality assurance can be found on the General Board's Education Section website.