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VetST students are divided into 4 sets each year. Each set has its own unique timetable of lectures and practicals.


Find your set before you look at the timetable (sets to be announced late in the summer vacation):


For Students

Through this interface, you can import your timetable into your own calendar (Google calendar, Outlook, Apple and Android calendars). Instructions to do so are available below. The imported timetables will automatically update within 24h of changes made.

These are the old timetable interfaces formatted for student use: click on the week, and then select your set. These timetables cannot be synchronised on your phone.

For Lecturers, Course Organisers and Directors of Studies

This shows all Med/VetST IA and IB and practical classes in any week: scroll down to find the relevant week

These are the standard timetables with additional information for course organisers listing sets attending sessions

For a breakdown of individual course lectures, please consult the relevant Moodle sites.


The calendar-synchronised timetable allows you to import the timetable into your own calendar and is therefore the most useful. The 'standard' format of the timetable is the old format designed for students to access their set's timetable. Do not waste time trying to access your timetable from the other two formats, 'compact' and 'long form', which are designed to show the same information but in a different format.

Import of calendar-synchronised timetable

Visit the Med/VetST timetable webpage, select your course and your set, click “view timetable”.

You can then import the timetable by clicking on “Export as iCal feed”.

  • For Outlook:

Click on the link, a window will open asking to select an application, select Outlook. The timetable will be stored as an Internet Calendar. It will update automatically (it seems to be very fast). However, Outlook Internet Calendars currently cannot be view on Android Outlook Apps.

  • For Apple devices:

Click on the link, and add to your calendar.

  • For Google Calendar in a browser:

Copy the URL. In Google Calendar, in the section “Other Calendars” (bottom left of the page), choose “Add by URL” and paste the URL. This calendar will update automatically, but it may take up to 24h (this is set by Google and it doesn’t seem possible to improve it). This calendar can be viewed in the calendar App on Android mobile phones (make sure you select to view this calendar).

We have introduced this import capability for the 2017-18 academic year. Please feel free to send us feedback at

Guidance on the Standard, Compact and Long form timetables

Navigation On each of the individual timetable pages there are three arrows near the top left corner: [<] [^] [>]. The [<] arrow takes you to the previous week and the [>] arrow takes you to the next week. The up arrow [^] takes you to the timetable's home page (the column of weeks).

Multiple weeks timetables Please note that single page timetables can span more than one week if there are consecutive weeks with the same sequence of classes.

Course missing from timetable? The pages giving tabular lists of Sets, Venues and Courses, only include the courses for that week. If a course has no sessions in a week it will not appear in the tabular list of courses.