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Medical Students in Lecture Theatre 2

VetST students are divided into 4 sets each year. Each set has its own unique timetable of lectures and practicals.


Find your set before you look at the timetable (sets to be announced late in the summer vacation):


For Students

IA and IB medicine and veterinary medicine students enrolled on the course, are required to import the timetable into their own calendar (Google calendar, Outlook, Apple and Android calendars), using the following iCal address where ‘CRSid’ should be replaced with your own unique CRSid.

There are instructions regarding how to import you calendar here or they are summarized below.

The imported timetables will automatically update within 24h of changes made.


  • For Outlook:

With your unique URL text copied, navigate to the Calendar section of Outlook

From the top ribbon, select ‘Add Calendar’, ‘From Internet’

Paste your URL link into the next message box that appears

Click ‘OK’; this will complete the subscription and the calendar will load.


  • For Google Calendar:

From the landing page on Google Calendar, next to ‘Other Calendars’ click on the + icon

The next menu window will appear; from this, select ‘Subscribe to Calendar’

A new screen will load; from the left-hand side under General, change the view to ‘From URL’

Paste your URL into the box on the right-hand side of the screen

Click ‘Add calendar’; this will complete the subscription.


  • For iCal:

Go to Settings  > Calendar > Accounts > Add Account > Other.

Tap Add Subscribed Calendar.

Enter the URL of the .ics file to subscribe to and any other required server information. 

(Information from Apple Support)


If you have any issues with your timetable, please contact