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Rachel, BBS 2017-18

Major Subject: Physiology, Development and Neuroscience

Minor Subject: General Practice and Primary Care Research


"For my third year I did the BBS course with major in Physiology, Development and Neuroscience (PDN) and minor in GP and Primary care research offered at the Primary Care unit. I really enjoyed the BBS course! Doing both major and minor subjects allows you greater breadth. My major, PDN, was very cutting edge, scientific and theoretical. But as a medic, I really appreciated the pragmatism and clinical relevance of my minor subject. BBS allowed me to do these very contrasting subjects in parallel! With BBS you write a dissertation, as opposed to a lab based project. Though your departments usually offer a notional list of titles you have the freedom and flexibility to approach essentially anyone in your department with any question and they can make it happen. For instance, I concocted a question based on a single paper which really piqued my interest and was able to approach its author to supervise me. I appreciated this freedom as I felt I was committing my time to something I really was interested in.

My minor subject in GP and primary care research was a particular highlight of my part II. In Michaelmas, we were taught by the senior academics in the Primary Care Institute in the methods used in primary care research and taught how to critique it. Then in Lent, we were placed with one of the research teams and through supervisions were able to explore many of the particular research issues in their field. Our lecturers and supervisors were approachable and enthusiastic. It opened my eyes to areas of research and careers paths within medicine I didn't know existed. And as a final bonus - there were only 4 people on the course in my year! We got to know each other really well, did multiple formals and keep up with each other now in Clinical school."


Lauren, BBS 2017-18

Major Subject: Biochemistry

Minor Subject: EnterpriseTECH

Lauren_BBS_200x200px"After studying a range of topics during the first two years of Natural Sciences, BBS was a great way to specialise (studying a Biochemistry major) while studying another subject I love and want to pursue in the future (EnterpriseTECH as minor). There’s many options of topics and ways to study, so BBS subjects are definitely worth looking into when deciding on third year. 

The courses are well organised timetable, logistics and assessment wise. Even though you’re studying two subjects, the workload doesn’t seem more than students just studying a single. In most BBS major subjects, you’ll do a dissertation as coursework instead of a lab project, which also makes Easter/Lent term less stressful! 

Being a member of two departments is also great, and you get to work with and know a lot more students and staff. Loved my time as a BBS student, how the course let me study and has fueled my passion for multiple topics, and how it’s opened many doors for future study and careers."

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