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Student Feedback

To find out more about how students can engage at different levels with the University in order to improve the running of courses, please visit the student feedback pages.

Below are responses to feedback regarding MVST and Biology NST courses.

MVST CoursesUp to 20172017-182018-19
MVST Part I Committee up to 2017
IA Functional Architecture of the Body


IA Histology
IA Homeostasis
IA Introduction to the Scientific Basis of Medicine
IA Molecules in Medical Sciences up to 2017
IA Principles of Animal Management 2016-17
IA Social Context of Health and Illness 2016-17
IA Veterinary Anatomy and Physiology up to 2017
IB Biology of Disease 2016-17
IB Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy up to 2017
IB Head and Neck Anatomy


IB Human Reproduction up to 2017
IB Mechanisms of Drug Action 2016-17
IB Neurobiology and Animal/Human Behaviour
IB Preparing for the Veterinary Profession
IB Veterinary Reproductive Biology up to 2017
Preparing for Patients A, B, C and D up to 2017


NST Coursesup to 20172017-182018-19
Biological Sciences Committee (includes II BBS)

up to 2017

BBS 2016-17

IA Biology of Cells up to 2017
IA Evolution and Behaviour
IA Mathematical Biology
IA Physiology of Organisms 2016-17
IB Animal Biology
IB Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
IB Cell and Developmental Biology up to 2017
IB Ecology 2016-17
IB Experimental Psychology
IB Neurobiology 2016-17
IB Pathology 2016-17
IB Pharmacology 2016-17
IB Physiology
IB Plant and Microbial Sciences


II Biochemistry
II Genetics up to 2017
II Pathology 2016-17
II Pharmacology 2016-17
II Physiology, Development and Neuroscience 2016-17
II Plant Sciences


II Psychology
II Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour 2016-17
II Zoology up to 2017
III Biochemistry
III Systems Biology up to 2017