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Please note that every effort has been to ensure that the course costs given below for courses within the Veterinary Medicine Tripos were accurate at the time of publication.

The University reserves the right to review and revise the costs without prior notification, and you are advised that their publication here serves only as an indicator of course costs for current and future years. The publication of this information does not form part of any contractual arrangement of costs associated with studying at the University.

The University prospectus gives helpful advice for all students about the costs of studying in Cambridge.

In addition to the standard living costs, students of Medicine or Veterinary Medicine should expect to have to meet the following costs:

Estimated additional course costs, 2019-20

Veterinary Medicine (Pre-clinical)

Lab coat £9.96
Overalls (boiler suit) £16.54
Waterproof trousers £7.97
Dissection kit, gloves, safety glasses, loan of locker and key, loan of dog skeleton £24.00
Veterinary Dissection Manual which includes course guides for Veterinary Anatomy and Physiology (1st Year) and Neurobiology and Comparative Veterinary Biology (2nd Year)* £14.00
Wellington Boots £6.95
University approved calculator ~£20.00
Electron micrographs (optional) £ 2.00
EMS (preclinical) 12 weeks practical vacation experience with animals, particularly farm animals. Insurance cover provided but no subsistence grants payable  Variable


Veterinary Medicine (Clinical)

Locker padlock £7.50
Clinical thermometer £4.03
Digital thermometer £5.40
6" scissors, curved on flat £2.90
Spencer Wells forceps, 5" £3.84
Pen torch £1.44
Dog lead (red) £1.26
Hoof pick £0.69
Nail clippers, stainless steal £10.00 each
'Yard boots' (steel toe-capped leather boots) Purchase your own
Stethoscope (this is a basic level stethoscope; many students purchase a higher quality stethoscope later in the clinical course) £2.82
EMS - 26 weeks required by RCVS - variable depending on chosen placements (Grants are available to assist with costs)  Variable
BVA insurance cover, at a cost of £42.00 per annum, will be met by the Veterinary School for 4th 5th and 6th year students  
White theatre shoes (year 6) ~£22.68
Protective clothing for theatre (year 6) ~£6.18