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To help you prepare for your Medical course, we have put together various resources:

  • The course handbook will also be sent by your College.
  • Whether or not you have studied Mathematics at A level, we recommend you enrol on our online Applied Maths for Medics and Vets course. This Moodle course offers audio-visual tutorials for the maths skills you are likely to need for Medics, Vets, Natural Scientists and Biologists. We also recommend you enrol on our online Statistics for Medics and Vets course too. You should be able to enrol for both courses with your Raven credentials, which your College will send you. Contact if you have any questions but note we cannot give you access if you have not yet received your Raven credentials.
  • Basic scientific concepts
  • Basic Cell Biology notes
    Directed especially toward those students who have not done A Level biology. The aim of the notes is to provide students with a basic grounding in the concepts and vocabulary of cell biology; they will not make students expert cell biologists, but will enable students to understand subsequent lectures in MedST.

A list of University approved calculators can be found at: