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Medical Students in Lecture Theatre 2

MedST students are divided into 18 sets each year. Each set has its own unique timetable of lectures and practicals.


Find your set before you look at the timetable (sets to be announced late in the summer vacation):


For Students 

Your individual timetable can be synchronised into your personal calendar by using an iCal link. In the link below, you need to replace "CRSid" with your own CRSid, e.g. abc123. Please read carefully the instructions below to ensure that your timetable gets continually synchronised, otherwise you will not be aware of timetable modifications.

iCal link


From the top ribbon, select Add Calendar, then From Internet. Paste the iCal link above and click OK.

Google Calendar

From the landing page on Google calendar, next to Other Calendar, click on the + icon.

Select Subscribe to Calendar. Under General, select From URL and paste the iCal link above. Click Add Calendar.


Click Calendars, Add Calendar, Add Subscription Calendar, and then insert the link above and press Subscribe. Here is the iPhone information from Apple Support (see "subscribe to a calendar")

For Directors of Study

The Faculty Office is working hard to release the Med/VetST student timetable online in a user-friendly format for all University members. We anticipate a delay of several weeks after the beginning of Michaelmas Term before we can deploy this new solution. In the meantime, please continue as last year and import individual student timetables into your calendars, as explained above. We apologise for the inconvenience caused.