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Med/VetST and 2nd MB/2nd Vet MB : Your Results

The following information is about the main examinations taken in the Easter term which are for Tripos and 2nd MB/2nd Vet MB. Medics and Vets take a number of other exmainations during the first two years for professional qualification only (2nd MB or 2nd Vet MB). The results of these examinations are posted on CamSIS and details distributed via College markbooks.

The Examiners

The Faculty Board of Biology appoints a set of Examiners for each of the subjects of the Tripos in Part IA and IB; one of the Examiners is appointed as Senior Examiner for each subject. There is also an External Examiner, from another institution, for each subject. The Senior Examiners for each subject, together with Chairman and Assistant Chairman of Examiners for the Tripos Part constitutes the Board of Examiners for that Part.

The Subject Examiners are responsible for setting and marking the examination in their subject for 2nd MB/2nd Vet MB and for the Tripos, determining the pass mark for 2nd MB/2nd Vet MB, and producing a subject mark for the Tripos. The Board of Examiners is responsible for combining the Tripos marks for each subject and determining class boundaries.

How are my marks handled?

The examinations for each of the subjects in the Tripos is divided into three Sections, I, II and III. The raw marks from Sections I and II are used to determine your performance in 2nd MB/2nd Vet MB in that subject. These marks are also used in combination with your marks for the Section III essays to determine your Tripos mark and class.

In some subjects, the structure of the exam is such that the distributions of marks for the year group in Sections I and II have a different mean and standard deviation from those for Section III. In these cases, it is necessary to transform or scale the Section I and II marks to ensure that they can be added together with those for Section III, and with the marks for other subjects, to give a fair and representative total mark.

If scaling is required, this is done by the Subject Examiners using a standard method, approved by the Faculty Board, which transforms individual marks to give an appropriate distribution, retaining the rank order of the unscaled marks.

How do I get my results?

As with all Cambridge examinations, the formal class lists for MVST and 2nd MB/2nd Vet MB, indicating the performance of candidates, are published at the Senate House and sent to all Colleges.

In addition to being informed of the class awarded for the Tripos, students can expect to receive a breakdown of marks through a "College markbook". 2nd MB/2nd Vet MB examinations are awarded a pass or fail only, and marks are also circulated to Colleges.

You will be informed of these marks through your College Tutor or Director of Studies, who receive these marks shortly after publication of the class lists at the Senate House.

If you have not received your results, please contact your College in the first instance.

You should also be able to view your results on CamSIS via Self-Service. You will be able to see the 2nd MB/2nd Vet MB marks for Section I and for Section II, together with confirmation of whether you have passed or failed. You will also be able to see the pass mark. You will also be able to see your Tripos marks for Sections I and II combined, and Section III for each subject, together with a total mark and your class. The combined Section I and II mark for an individual subject in the Tripos may not equal the total 2nd MB/2nd Vet MB mark for that subject as marks may have been scaled. Remember that in the Tripos some second year subjects carry less weight than others (HNA is worth a maximum of 40 marks, HR/VRB/CVB are worth a maximum of 80 marks. BOD, NAB and MODA are worth a maximum of 100 marks each, NHB is worth a maximum of 140 marks).

Examiners spend considerable time compiling the markbooks sent to Colleges, to ensure that they are useful and informative. The information contained therein, which is given for each subject, has been identified as being the best set of meaningful data.

The markbooks are prepared and retained in line with the Examination Data Retention Policy for the Med/VetST. You are advised that requests for a more detailed breakdown of marks would not provide you with any additional sensible information.