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NST Part IB Cell and Developmental Biology

Cell and Developmental Biology is a second year course which builds on the knowledge of elementary cell biology provided by the first year Biology of Cells course. The course is interdepartmental and is taught by Plant Sciences, Genetics, Zoology and Biochemistry. It can be taken in combination with any other subject in Part IB of the Natural Sciences Tripos, except Material Science and Metallurgy with which it clashes in the lecture timetable.

Online resources are provided through the Moodle Site. You will automatically be subscribed to this site as part of the NST subject choice procedures but if you join the course after the start of term, send an email to Amy Glover (, requesting that you are added to the course. You will need to use your Raven ID and password to log onto Moodle, which you will also be able to access during the vacation.

The course is run by a Management Committee, consisting of the lecturers in the course. The committee decides broadly on the content of lectures and practicals, and has the responsibility for organising and delivering these. The day-to-day running of the course is devolved to a small section of the Committee, who act as course organisers. This group meets with student representatives (chosen by you) and lecturers at the end of every term (the Consultative Committee) to look at the results of questionnaire returns and find out your views about the course. Please use the student representatives to feed back any comments that you have about the course to the CDB Management Committee!

The course is revised on a yearly basis in the light of comments made by you in online questionnaires and by your representatives on the Consultative Committee, which meets each Term.

The minutes of Consultative Committee meetings and analysis of student questionnaires can be accessed from the Cell and Developmental Biology Moodle site.