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Libraries, Book Lists and Articles: How To Extend Your Knowledge


Four major textbooks are listed below. These cover the course material at about the right level - sometimes higher and sometimes lower. You should as a matter of course read any relevant chapters in these textbooks.

Molecular Biology of the Cell Alberts, B., et al. 6th Rev ed. Taylor & Francis; 2014 ISBN 9780815344322, pbk, £71.25 

Essential Cell Biology Alberts, B., et al. 4th Rev ed.  Garland; 2013 ISBN 9780815344544, pbk, £56.13

Lewin’s Genes XI Krebs, J.E. et al. Jones & Bartlett; 2014 ISBN 978-1-4496-5985-1, pbk, £49.99

Molecular Cell Biology Lodish H. et al. 7th ed. W.H. Freeman and Company; 2013 ISBN 9781464109812, hbk £59.99 – gives access to e-resources

College libraries should hold most of your needs for books in this subject, and you are advised to use these as your first resource.



Reading Lists

An an up to date reading list can be found in the Course Handbook on the Student Moodle Site.



Most lecturers will also refer you to a few journal articles that are relevant to the subject.

These have much useful and relevant material that can improve your understanding of the material taught. Remember, the aim of this reading should be to improve your understanding of the material taught, not to add further large amounts of factual information. It is therefore worth learning how to identify and select the most useful material (a worthwhile skill in its own right!).

You are strongly encouraged to read as many of these articles as possible, but you will need to develop the skills mentioned above to make the most of this. These articles often contain much more material than you need to know, or cover it at a level higher than you need to know. It's a bit like riding a bike: the best way to learn is to practise! Your supervisors will be able to help you to do this!



Departmental Libraries

The four departments which contribute to this course all have libraries, with special collections of books for Part I courses. All the libraries allow you read and work there, but some have restrictions on what you may borrow and for how long.

If you wish to use these libraries, the proper course is to introduce yourself to the Librarian, who will explain the rules to you and show you where to find the relevant books.