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Moodle provides:

  • A single access point to learning resources provided by registered courses
  • Secure access from Departmental, College and home computers
  • Email notification when resources are added during the year
  • Email notification of announcements relating to the course


  1. You will have been registered for the Biology of Cells Moodle site automatically as part of the NST IA Practical registration procedure.
  2. If you join the course late or have difficulties accessing the Biology of Cells Moodlesite, send an email to the Part IA Biology of Cells Moodle Administrator.

Learning resources

The following learning resources will be available from the IA Biology of Cells Moodle site:

  • Selected lecture material: additional material such as Powerpoint presentations provided by lecturers
  • Selected practical material: additional material such as class results provided by practical class organisers and demonstration material.
  • Past examination papers: electronic copies of examination papers from previous years
  • Consultative Committee: electronic copies of Consultative Committee minutes and student feedback


Please send any comments about your experience of using the system to the Administrator.