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Statement on Study Hours during Term Time

The course comprises 3 h per week of lectures and practical classes that are timetabled between 11:00 and 17:00 h weekly, but in practice vary in length shorter than the allocated hours and are usually complete by 16:00h. In addition, your College will provide 1 hour per week supervision related to the course. Timetabled teaching will average 8.5 h per week in term.

In addition to the timetabled hours you are expected to perform your own study. This is likely to vary based on an individual student's learning requirements for different parts of the course. We expect that students would normally spend about 1 h per week consolidating the lecture material, 1 h per week consolidating the practical class material and 4 h per week preparing for supervisions. The self-study time would thus normally be around 6 h per week.

Together, timetabled plus self-study time will normally comprise no more than 16 h per week but due to variation in the length and frequency of the practical classes will average 14.5 h per week in term.