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The course is assessed by two 3-hour examinations in the Easter Term, one on the theory (worth 67% of the final mark) and one on the practicals (worth 33% of the final mark). They are organised as follows

  • Theory: This is based on the lecture course and is divided into two sections. In the first there are 15 compulsory short answer questions, which together cover the whole course. The second consists of essays on individual topics, 3 of which must be answered.
  • Practical: This is based on the practicals, and is designed to test knowledge and skills which are acquired by carrying out the practical experiments during the year. There will be nine compulsory short answer questions.

Previous examination papers

Copies of other previous examination papers may be consulted in the libraries in the Departments of Plant Sciences, Genetics, Biochemistry and Zoology. Electronic copies of the papers can be accessed at Biology of Cells Moodle Site.