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The following committees are involved with the Veterinary Sciences Tripos:

  • The Faculty Board of Biology (chaired by Dr David Summers) and the Faculty Board of Clinical Veterinary Medicine (chaired by Prof Rebecca Fitzgerald)
  • The Veterinary Education Committee oversees matters relating to the education of medical students, including admissions policies, curriculum, student statistics, and examination results.
  • The MVST Part I Committee (chaired by Dr Holly Canuto) oversees first and second year courses in MedST/VetST
  • Various departmental committees, often including teaching committees.

The relationships between these committees can be seen on a diagram.


The following persons are involved in the central administration of the course:

  • Miss Vicky Johnson, Student Liaison Administrator, can be contacted for general enquiries, or to put you in touch with other staff members. Victoria.Johnson[at], ext 66899.
  • Dr Chad Pillinger, Administrative Officer. chad.pillinger[at]
  • Dr Fiona Russell, Secretary to the Faculty Board of Biology. fiona.russell[at]
  • Dr Holly Canuto, Director of Education for Med/VetST.
  • Prof Alun Williams, Director of Teaching for the School of Veterinary Medicine.

Contact details for individual course organisers can be found here.