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Unestablished Appointments and Promotions

Heads of Departments Committee

The Heads of Departments Committee makes appointments and promotions to the following posts:

-          Senior Research Associate (SRA)

-          Temporary University Lectureships

It also makes recommendations for appointments to Director of Research and Principal Research Associate.  Note that promotion to these positions are now considered annually with Senior Academic Promotions paperwork.

Meetings are held immediate following meeting of the Council of the School of the Biological Science.

For 2017-18 the following dates have been set:

Michaelmas: Monday 16 October, 2017, Monday 27 November, 2017

Lent:  Monday 29 January, 2018, Monday 19 March, 2018

Easter: Monday 21 May, 2018, Monday 9 July, 2018

For 2018-19 the following dates have been set:

Michaelmas: Monday 15 October, 2018, Monday 19 November, 2018

Lent:  Monday 21 January, 2019, Monday 18 March, 2019

Easter: Monday 20 May, 2019, Monday 8 July, 2019

Departments are asked to email a CV and publication list, two references and a supporting letter from the Head of Department to the Secretary a week before the meeting.