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Major subjects


Do histone modifications control gene expression?

Does endotoxin cause or contribute to neurodegenerative diseases?

Molecular interactions of drugs with the allosteric sites of vertebrate Cys-loop receptors

Why do bacteria carry toxin-antitoxin systems?


Aneuploidy in cancer: lessons so far

Big data in genomics and healthcare and how it has defined cancer diagnosis and treatment

Modelling in Biology: accurate descriptions of our pathetic thinking or pathetic descriptions of the real world?

Trace the economic and biological causes of the current antibiotic resistance crisis. Is there a solution and, if so, does it lie in the hands of patients, clinicians, regulators or researchers?

Transposable elements – a powerful force driving evolution


Can the gut microbiota influence host appetite? Implications for the aetiology of obesity

Can vaccine innovation solve the last mile problem for vaccines in low-resource settings

Eradication of Polio: Past Challenges and Future Prospects

Is the age of antibiotics over?

Microbiome regulation of the gut-brain axis: implications for anxiety and depression

On the origin of the bacterial flagellum: an example of irreducible complexity?

Recent advances in the blockade of immune checkpoints in cancer immunotherapy

What are the major causes of delay in response to emerging disease outbreaks: the case of the 2014-2016 Ebola outbreak in West Africa


Cystic-fibrosis related diabetes

How do SNAREs mediate membrane fusion?

Is CRISPR ready for the clinic?

Phantom pain: a ghost in the machine or a biological basis?

Plant-derived polysaccharides - sweet medicine of tomorrow?

Why are opioids problematic analgesics?

Plant Sciences

"Scrambled Genomes": examining the methodology and goals of the Sc2.0 synthetic genome project

Engineering C4 Rice: Molecular Targets and Progress so far

Is Trehalose-6-phosphate a central regulator of plant carbon partitioning?

Sucrose signalling and its role in plant development

Who needs cells anyway?


Is visual adaptation diminished in autism spectrum disorders?

Memory reconsolidation blockade: a novel treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Parental influence on child language development: does gender matter?

Sleep disorders as model for Consciousness Research: a cognitive framework for parasomnias

The role of genetics in the transgenerational transmission of memories

The role of insulin in cognitive decline in the elderly

Physiology, Development and Neuroscience

Adaptations of cancer cells for metastasis to the brain

How and why is the infant gut microbiota affected by caesarean section? The crying need for well-designed research

How do astrocytes support and modulate neuronal function? Exploring neurovascular coupling, neurometabolic coupling, and gliotransmission

The missing nuances of science and society: How popular science is shaping policy and understanding

The role of operant conditioning in spinal cord plasticity and its potential therapeutic implications for spinal cord injury

The significance of proinflammatory mediators in disrupting HRV: a link to cardiovascular morbidity in schizophrenia?

Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour

Prenatal stress: relevance to major depressive disorder

Promises and limitations of a combinatorial approach to spinal cord injury

Social neurons? A critical examination of how individual neurons might implement primate social cognition

The bidirectional relationship between the hippocampus and metabolic syndrome

The Cognitive and Neurobiological Benefits of an Imperfect Memory

Why are drug seeking habits maladaptive?


How have homosexual mating preferences evolved in males and females?

How relevant is the Drosophila segmentation paradigm to the study of segmentation in other arthropods and other animals?

Mechanisms of mass extinction

Migration of Homo erectus out of Africa

The meaning of alarm calls: honesty and deception

Wolves verses Eurasian Lynx as candidates for large predator reintroduction in mainland Britain - which may be the most suitable and why?


Minor subjects

Conservation Science

Causes and remedies for the decline in red squirrel numbers in Britain

How do deer impact forest organisms in UK lowland woodland?

Reintroduction and translocation as conservation tools for rhinos

Translocation as a tool for tiger (Panthera tigris) conservation: problems and potential solutions

With respect to myxomatosis and RHD virus how have rabbit populations co-evolved with the viruses and how may rabbit populations be affected in the future?

Development and Psychopathology

To what extent have biasing in screening and diagnosis contributed to the sex ratios observed in autism?

Health, Medicine and Society

Medicalisation and violence against women: implications for the medical encounter

Human Ecology and Behaviour

The use of wood in prehistory

Neural Degeneration and Regeneration

Progress towards establishing lead times of biomarkers for early diagnosis of idiopathic Parkinson's disease

The Pharmacological Targeting of the Amyloid-beta pathway in Alzheimer's: issues and prospects

Philosophy and Ethics of Medicine

Dementia: how changing perspectives affect clinical decision making

Should the MMR vaccine be mandatory? The problem of herd immunity threshold

Psychology and Social Issues

Reducing Extremist Violence by increasing Integrative Complexity - why understanding the role of emotion is central to success


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