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NST IB CDB Contact information

If you have any questions or comments concering the course, please contact the appropriate person:

Course Organiser

 (Department of Genetics)

Academic issues relating to the course raised by students, supervisors, Directors of Studies, lecturers and examiners

Practical Laboratory Technician

 (Department of Zoology)

Organisation of the practical laboratory and distribution of handouts to supervisors, lecturers and examiners

Student Representatives

Albert Kang, swk30, Homerton; Robert Turnbull, rt440, Selwyn;

Aiden Shields, ajs301, St Johns; Keir Murison, khm31, Emmanuel;

Holly Giles, harg2, Christ's; Elizabeth Hadley, eh502, Homerton.

Provision of feedback to of student views about the course to the Course Consultative Committee


Administration of the CDB web site including Moodle for students and supervisors