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"Ecology is the scientific study of the distribution, abundance and dynamics of organisms, their interactions with other organisms and with their physical environment. At a time when finite natural resources are being used at increasing rates, it has never been more important for human society to understand its impact on ecological systems and their importance in maintaining human health." 
British Ecological Society.

flowerbugIB Ecology provides a general introduction to the subject and a broad platform for more advanced studies at Part II. Lectures illustrate key concepts with recent insights from the literature; there are three field trips throughout the year, including the opportunity to visit a key conservation site; and project work (conducted during the Long Vacation or term-time) gives students their first chance to conduct independent, cutting-edge research. So if you're interested in any aspect of the theory or application of ecology - from the social organisation of meerkats to conservation science, the dynamics of disease, and the ecological impacts of climate change - this is the course for you.

Online resources are provided through Moodle. You will automatically be subscribed to this site as part of the NST IB subject choice procedures but if you join the course after the start of term, email the course administrator, , requesting that you are added to the course. You will need to use your Raven ID and password to log onto Moodle, which you will also be able to access during the vacation.