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Part II BBS - Zoology


Zoology offers a single Major Subject in NST Part II BBS. Each major is made up of four modules from the single subject Part II. Choose 2 Modules from Zoology M1 to M8 or Plant Sciences M3, and 2 Modules from L1 to L7 or Genetics Module 5. 

Details of individual modules can be found on the Zoology website.


Zoology's modules are:     


Michaelmas Term (Choose two)

Module M1 Topics in Vertebrate Evolution

Module M2 Conservation Science

Module M3 Human Evolutionary Ecology

Module M4 Neuroethology: The Neural Basis of Adaptive Behaviour

Module M5 Evolution and Behaviour: Genes and Individuals

Module M6 Cell Assembly and Interactions

Module M7 From Genome to Proteome

Module M8 Development: Patterning the Embryo

Plant Sciences M3 Dynamics, History & Phylogeny of Vegetation


Lent Term (Choose two)

Module L1 Mammalian Evolution and Faunal History

Module L2 Responses to Global Change

Module L3 Evolution and Behaviour: Populations and Societies

Module L4 Applied Ecology

Module L5 Genetics, Development and Animal Diversity

Module L6 Development: Cell Differentiation and Organogenesis

Module L7 Cell Cycle, Signalling and Cancer

Genetics Module 5 Evolutionary Genetics