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PNB timetable 2016-17

Timetable for Part II Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour 2016-17

N1 Developmental neurobiology  Thursdays 9-10, Fridays 10-11, Mondays 9-10 Hodgkin Huxley room, Michaelmas term

N2 Molecular cellular neuroscience Fridays 9-10, Mondays 10--11, Wednesdays 9-10, Michaelmas Bryan matthews room, Michaelmas term

N3 Control of action, Tuesdays 9-10, 11-12, Fridays  11-12,  Hodgkin Huxley room, Michaelmas term

N4 Sensory transduction, Thursdays 10-11, Mondays 12-1, Wednesdays 10-11, Michaelmas, Anatomy lecture theatre (usually), Michaelmas term

N5 Neural degeneration & regeneration, Mondays, wednesdays Thursdays 9-10,  Physiology LT or Plant sciences LT, Lent term

N6 Central Mechanisms of Motivation, Tuesdays 9-10, 11-12, Fridays  11-12, Hodgkin Huxley room, Lent term

N7 Local Circuits, neural networks, Mondays 11-12, Wednesdays 10-11, fridays 9-10,  Bryan matthews room, Lent term

N8 Memory and Higher functions, Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays 10-11, Plant sciences LT, Lent term

M4 Neuroethology: The neural basis of adaptive behaviour:  3pm Mon, Wed, Fri Zoology Department

M5 Evolution and Behaviour: Genes and Individuals: 2pm Mon, Wed, Fri Part 2 LT , Zoology

In addition there are two modules offered by the Department of Psychology, lecture times for these are to be confirmed.