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 Note about plagiarism and Turnitin UK:

Some departments use the Moodle Turnitin Assignment and some do not, therefore the dropbox you will see below might differ from other BBS students. In all cases your dissertation may be submitted to Turnitin UK software for screening. Turnitin compares the text of submitted work to sources in its database, which is made up of internet content, selected journals, and previous student submissions. You can read more about the Faculty of Biology guidance on plagiarism and Turnitin information for students.

Go to Moodle at:

Login with Raven password. If you have forgotten your Raven password, go to:

In early March a Dissertation dropbox will appear at the bottom of the course page - please note that it should only be for the course you are writing your dissertation in i.e. if you're writing your dissertation about a subject in your minor subject then you will only see a drop box for your minor subject on the BBS Moodle site.  If the minor subject your are writing your dissertation in happens to be part of a major subject (e.g. Zoology or PDN), you will have been added to that major subjects' drop box.

1. Open the correct dropbox.
2. Upload an electronic copy of your dissertation here. You can use your candidate number or your name as the file name.
3. If prompted, you will be required to confirm that you have read and understood the University's Statement on Plagiarism
4. Click the "Submit" / "Add Submission" button.

NB If your department does not use the Turnitin Assignment, until you have clicked the 'Submit' button you are still able to make changes and amends to the document you would like to upload by clicking on the 'Edit' button. However, you are not considered as having submitted your dissertation until you have clicked the "submit" button.

If your department uses the Turnitin Assignment and you wish to modify your submission, you might need to email or your department teaching administrator to modify your entry. This is possible up to the deadline.

On submission you might see a screen confirming that your dissertation has been submitted. This is an automated Moodle message to confirm that your form has been accepted and logged successfully on the system. Your dissertation will not be marked online.


Information contacts

For information regarding Major Subjects such as content and timetables, please see the contact details on the Major Subjects webpage.

For information regarding Minor Subjects such as content and timetables, please see the contact details on the Minor Subjects webpage.

For general administration of BBS and general questions which cannot be answered in departments, please contact the Faculty of Biology Office (, (7)66899)

If you wish to move to or from BBS or wish to change Major and/or Minor subject(s), please contact the departments involved AND the Faculty of Biology Office.