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Medical and Veterinary Science Tripos

Course Overview

The Medical and Veterinary Sciences Tripos (MVST) is the pre-clinical course taken by students wishing to become doctors or vets. Over the first two years (Parts IA and IB) some of our courses are taken in common by both sets of students while others run in parallel.

The body responsible for overseeing teaching in the MVST is the MVST Part I Committee.

In the third year most medical and veterinary students take one of the courses taken by Natural Sciences Tripos students (NST Part II or NST Part II BBS course) ; some, however, may take other Tripos courses offered by the University. These may include History of Art, Philosophy, Management Studies, Engineering, Social and Political Sciences, and Anthropology.

Please note: for students starting in 2018 and beyond, the MVST will be replaced by separate Medical and Veterinary Sciences Triposes. Further information will be posted as it becomes available.


Medicine Course Video


Veterinary Course Video