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NST Part IA EMB Assessment

Examination and Assessment

Assessment in Elementary Mathematics for Biologists is based on five in-course exercises and the end-of-year examination. For more details see the EMB Moodle site.

The in-course assessed exercises are designed primarily to help you learn the subject. You should attempt these on your own, as this will do you the most good, but you may ask for assistance when required. You are encouraged seek help from demonstrators in the class during which the exercise sheets are distributed. You are also allowed to seek help from your supervisors during the following week. The worksheets from these classes must be returned at the beginning of the examples class the following week. There will be a register for submitted work. You must ensure that your submissions are recorded. Worksheets will be marked and returned the following week.

Full marks will be given for satisfactory completion of each exercise. It is thus obviously in your best interests to attend all the designated practicals and submit completed worksheets. If you cannot attend a designated class you should ask your Director of Studies to obtain a copy of the worksheet which must still be completed and submitted at or before the next examples class.


Form and Conduct Notice 

The Faculty Board of Biology has approved the following Form and Conduct Notice

(University Reporter, Wednesday 28 November 2001):

Elementary Mathematics for Biologists

There will be one written paper of three hours carrying 80% of the total marks. It will consist of two sections, Section A carrying 50% of the total marks and Section B carrying 30%. Within each section questions will carry equal marks. Candidates should attempt all questions in Section A and three out of six questions in Section B. During the course candidates will be required to submit five worked examples sheets for assessment and these together will carry 20% of the total marks.

Position of Elementary Mathematics for Biologists in the NST 1A examination

Elementary Mathematics carries a maximum of 70 marks while Mathematics and Mathematical Biology each carry 75 marks. Thus a percentage mark in Elementary Mathematics for Biologists will add fewer marks to the final aggregate than would the same percentage mark in either Quantitative Biology or Mathematics.