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NST Part IA Elementary Mathematics for Biologists

Elementary Mathematics for Biologists (EMB) is a first year course in the Natural Sciences Tripos, taught largely by biologists who use basic mathematics in their research. Lecturers are drawn from the Departments of Biochemistry; Experimental Psychology; Physiology, Development and Neuroscience; Pharmacology and from the University Computing Service.

It is one of two courses in mathematics specially designed for first year biologists:

  • Elementary Mathematics for Biologists is for students who have not done A level mathematics or its equivalent. It aims to provide students with a toolkit of basic mathematical techniques used in biology.
  • Mathematical Biology is for students who have studied mathematics to A level or equivalent, introducing more advanced applications of mathematical, statistical and computing methods for biological problems.

Meeting Time and Place

The normal pattern is lectures on Mondays and Fridays in Lecture Room A, The Arts School, Bene't Steet, and examples classes on Wednesdays in the Pharmacology Teaching Laboratory.

For exceptions (near the beginning of the course!) see the online timetable at (see link in right hand panel).

Lecturers for 2015/2016

Dr R. Adams - Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience

Dr B. Beckles - University Information Services

Dr R.W. Broadhurst - Department of Biochemistry

Dr J.W. Dalley - Department of Psychology

Dr R Devine - Department of Psychology

Dr I Mela - Department of Pharmacology

Course Coordinator: Dr Bill Broadhurst (