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Example Dissertation Titles

Tics in Tourette Synrome: Investigating the role of cognition and volition (Experimental Psychology)
Pharmacotherapy versus cognitive therapy in depression (Experimental Psychology)
Are animals capable of mental time travel? (Experimental Psychology)
The nature and treatment of cognitive deficits in schizophrenia (Experimental Psychology)
Is evil innate? (Experimental Psychology)
Psychopharmacology versus cognitive therapy in depression (Experimental Psychology)
The concept of core cognitive deficit in schizophrenia (Experimental Psychology)
The ethics of enhancing human traits (History and Philosophy of Science)
Woman and medicine in early modern Europe(History and Philosophy of Science)
The history of the localisation of brain function, including the use of Fmri (History and Philosophy of Science)
The ethics of saviour siblings (Medicine, Ethics and Law)
The withdrawal or witholding of life-prolonging treatment (Medicine, Ethics and Law)
Voluntary euthanasia: the ethical arguments (Medicine, Ethics and Law)
The ethical problems associated with stem cell research (Medicine, Ethics and Law)
The pathogenesis of Guillain-Barré syndrome: What is the evidence for molecular mimicry? (Pathology)
The role of T suppressor cells in inflammatory Rheumatoid Arthritis (Pathology)
New insights into the molecular basis of hereditary haemochromatosis (Pathology)
T -cells in the pathogenesis of Rheumatoid Arthritis (Pathology)
Does repeated exposure to malaria infection influence subsequent risk of morbidity? (Pathology)
What is the role of EBV in the pathogenesis of endemic Burkitt's Lymphoma? (Pathology)
Role of endothelial damage in diabetic nephropathy (Pathology)
Stem Cell Niches (Pathology)
The influence of sex hormones on the pathogenesis of SLE (Pathology)
Helicobacter pylori and gastric cancer (Pathology)
The role of the A-beta protein in the pathogenesis of Alzheimers Disease (Pathology)
Why might 'Dracunculus medinesis' become the first human parasite to be eradicated (Pathology)
Polycystic Ovary Syndrome - What is its pathophysiology (Pathology)
Does molecular mimicy account for the pathogenesis of multiple sclerosis (Pathology)
Immunological memory : T Cell subsets and their functions (Pathology)
The phosphoinositide pathway and cancer (Pharmacology)
Discuss the uses and mechanisms of action of SSRIs (Pharmacology)
Mechanisms underlying cocaine abuse and addiction (Pharmacology)
Corticotrophin-releasing factor system as a potential target to treat affective disorders (Pharmacology)
Ion channel pathophysiology (Pharmacology)
Pharmacological advances in the treatment of chronic wounds (Pharmacology)
Metabolic and circulatory adaptations enabling enhanced muscle growth in body builders (Physiology)
Glucocorticoids and the treatment of infant respiratory distress syndrome (Physiology)
The role of NGF in CNS injury (Physiology)
The neurobiology of placebo analgesia (Physiology)
Prenatal and postnatal consequences of nephron deficit (Physiology)
The relation of Guyton's model of the circulation to our understanding of cardiac failure (Physiology)
The role of thyroid hormones in fetal maturation of the CNS (Physiology)
The role of maternal diet in determining future susceptibility to type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome(Physiology)
Tympanic hearing in terrestrial vertebrates (Physiology)
Hypothyroidism: its long and short term effects on the fetus (Physiology)
The physiological risks of ultra-endurance events (Physiology)
Does reciprocal altruism really occur in animals? (Zoology)
Mother infant relationships form the bedrock of all mammalian social behaviour (Zoology)
Are there genes for behaviour? (Zoology)