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Part II BBS - Biochemistry

Biochemistry offers a Major Subject in BBS.

Students take four 24 lecture modules in the  Michaelmas and Lent terms:

Module A Structural and Chemical Biology
  Module B From Genome to Proteome
  Module C Cellular and Organismal Biochemistry
  Module D Signalling and Cancer

Module A and B run in the first term as do the first  twelve lectures of Module C - the stem of the module, entitled The Dynamic Cell.  The heavier lecture load in the first term balances the course workload with   respect to the BBS dissertation.

In the second term you take Module D and the remaining  12 lectures of Module C. You have a choice from two 12 lecture branches: Bioenergy - The Exploitation of Plants and  Microorganisms or Molecular Microbiology of Infectious Disease.

Methods and Skills classes: These feature key methods  such as Bioinformatic approaches and Molecular imaging. Also included are Data  handling classes using past examination papers as core material to study   approaches to data analysis and interpretation. Teaching of transferable  laboratory and communication skills (such as graphic illustration, record  keeping, data analysis, database searching and essay and report writing) are  embedded in the course.

For more information see:

Detailed information is available on the Biochemistry website.