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Major SubjectsLecture Listing Link
Pathology Pathology Timetable
Pharmacology Pharmacology Timetable
Psychology Psychology Timetable

Biochemistry Timetable

Plant Sciences Plant Science Timetable
Genetics Genetics Timetable
Physiology, Development & Neuroscience PDN Timetable
Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour PNB Timetable
Zoology Zoology Timetable



Minor SubjectLecture Listing Link
Health and Disease (HSPS Paper BAN4) Health and Disease Timetable
Human Origins (HSPS Paper BAN3) Human Origins Timetable
Behavioural Ecology (HSPS Paper BAN2) Behavioural Biology Timetable
Neural Degeneration and Regeneration (Neuroscience N5) Neural Degeneration and Regeneration Timetable
Philosophy & Ethics of Medicine (History and Philosophy of Science) Philosophy & Ethics of Medicine Timetable
Health, Medicine and Soceity (HSPS Paper Soc 13)

Health, Medicine and Society Timetable

The Family (Psychological and Behavioural Science IIB PBS11) The Family Timetable
Central Mechanisms of Motivation and Emotion (Neuroscience N6) Central Mechanisms of Motivation and Emotion Timetable
Early Medicine (History & Philosophy of Science Part II Paper 2) Early Medicine Timetable
Modern Medicine & Biomedical Sciences (History & Philosophy of Science Part II Paper 5) Modern Medicine Timetable
Psychology of Education (Education Tripos Part II) Psychology of Education Timetable
Sociology of Education (Education Tripos Part II) Sociology of Education Timetable
Philosophy of Education (Education Tripos Part II) Philosophy of Education Timetable
History of Education (Education Tripos Part II)

History of Education Timetable

Plant and Microbial Genetics (Genetics M2) Genetics M2 Timetable
Human Genetics (Genetics M4) Genetics M4 Timetable
Evolutionary Genetics (Genetics M5) Genetics M5 Timetable
ETECH Project in Entrepreneurship

Every Monday and Thursday from 4:00pm - 5:30pm starting Monday 18 January, Lecture Room 3, 8 Mill Lane.

Final Timetable

Development and Psychopathology (Psychological and Behavioural Science IIB PBS8)

Development and Psychopathology Timetable

Psychology and Social Issues (Psychological and Behavioural Science IIB PBS9)

Psychology and Social Issues Timetable

Gender Development: Biological, Psychological and Clinical Perspectives (Psychological and Behavioural Science IIB PBS10)

Gender Development Timetable

Exploring Music Psychology (Music Part II Paper 17)
Conservation Science (Zoology M2) Zoology M2 Timetable

Bioinformatics Timetable