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Submission of BBS Dissertation onto Moodle



1. Go to Moodle at:

2. Login with Raven password. If you have forgotten your Raven password, go to:

3. In the ‘My Courses’ welcome area, click on ‘NST Part II Biological and Biomedical Sciences’;

4. In early March a Dissertation dropbox will appear at the top of the course page - please note that it should only be for the course you are writing your dissertation in i.e. if you're writing your dissertation about a subject in your minor subject then you will only see a drop box for your minor subject on the BBS Moodle site.  If the minor subject your are writing your dissertation in happens to be part of a major subject (e.g. Zoology or PDN), you will have been added to that major subjects' drop box.

5. Click on the ‘Dissertation dropbox’ activity;

6. Click on ‘Add submission’ at the foot of the page;

7. You can now drag and drop your file into the large box with the blue arrow;

8. Alternatively you can browse your files using the icon in the upper left of the box with a plus sign on it;

9. A box will appear, click on the second link on the left 'upload a file' and browse to your file;

10. At foot of page click on ‘Save Changes’;

11. Click on ‘Submit Assignment’;

(Until you click on this button, you have not submitted your work and can still make changes by clicking 'Edit Submission')

12. Click on 'Continue' (This is your last chance to change your mind)

13. The next page will display ‘Submitted for grading’ - the process is complete!