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The following links outline the marking and classing schemes approved by the Faculty Board of Biology for Parts IA and IB of the MVST. They are intended to help Directors of Studies and students to understand the assessment criteria and the mechanics of the classing process.

For exam timetables please see the centrally managed exams website.

For future resit dates calculated from the regulations please click here

For further details or more general Examination information please visit the general Exams pages. 

For the Senior Examiners Reports please click here

For the Examination Data Retention Policy please click here.

For 2ndMB FAB resit candidates there will be a Functional Architecture of the Body (FAB) Revision Day on Tues 17 Sept 2013. It will run from 10.00 to 15.00 in the Dissection Room Annexe of the Anatomy Building. There will be anatomical prosections available to assist students in their preparation for the practical steeplechase exam.